AH HA Entertainment is dedicated to inspiration, authentic expression, and The Art of Play. We catalyze innovation and enrich the human experience through engaging performances, interactive education, and creative services.

We are devoted to work and play that activates the imagination and encourages interactive engagement. As children, we play a lot because we instinctively know it’s the most effective way to learn… and because it’s Fun! Play is engaging and engagement is fun. We follow that fun (smart kiddies that we are). Our personalities develop by flexibly and organically beta testing our strengths and identities in relation to the current cultural narratives. We make up stories and we try them on for size. Or we listen to the most popular stories du jour and try to make them fit. After a whole lot of trial and error, we “grown ups” are beginning to understand that rigid structures and identities are doomed to break. How can we stay flexible with the ever changing conditions of every new now? 

As adults we are trained to work more and play less, in order to function more efficiently inside our given social systems and professions. While this can give some trackable results to that end, it often does so by sacrificing innovation and constraining the growth potential of the humans behind the functions. We then have to work even harder to unlearn these limiting belief structures. The playful approach to life instantly engages our original instinct to discover and grow. We begin to reclaim our thriving creativity. Flexibility blooms and evolution becomes possible. And blooming humans tend to write better cultural narratives. 

Today’s world requires us to make and/or manage “content” of some kind or other. A huge variety of content catering to every taste imaginable… AH HA philosophy focuses on the approach rather than the content… on the human rather than the product. If we work on tuning up the instrument of ourselves, we will make ART of our products and services no matter what they are. Even more important, we will make living itself an ART!

Inspiration magnetizing Synchronicity… Radiance magnetizing Resource… When we approach our work in the world playfully, we have a much better chance at achieving harmonious collaborations and world enriching innovations. Not to mention having a much better time while doing it!