AH – Inspiration… HA – Expression… The primal circuitry of Creation. AH HA Entertainment is tuning up the human experience through inspirational performances, expressive arts empowerment, , and creative collaborations. Let’s explore the Art of Play!

Play Empowers Possibilities. As children, we instinctively know that Play is a fully functional way to learn. Fun and functional! It is our primary tool for discovering the structures that make up our world… and the stories that make up our experience. Our personalities develop by play testing our identities in relation to our environment and the current cultural narratives. We create stories and we try them on for size. Or we listen to the most popular stories du jour and try to make them fit. At some point, we settle with some story of “who we think we are” and just strap in for safety. This puts quite a kink in the flow our growing. We forget our dynamic relationship with life… Possibility contracts… We end up surrendering Play in exchange for some semblance of stability in wild world. Which is ironic since Play is such an effective navigator for the ever shifting tides of every new now. 

As adults we are trained (with carrot and stick) to work more and play less in order to function more efficiently inside our given social systems and professions. While this can give some trackable results to that end, it often does so by sacrificing innovation and constraining the growth potential of the humans behind the functions. The playful approach to life instantly engages our original instinct to discover and grow. We begin to reclaim our thriving creativity. Flexibility blooms and evolution becomes possible. And blooming humans tend to write better realities.