Step Up to my Cup and take a Drink from my Think
 For there’s more than one way to have a Soul to Soul Link
 My Cup is Overflowing like a waterfall of Wonder
 A Steady Stream from Heart to Heart no Wall can Split Asunder
 But when the need to feed the Mind directly, comes around
 We then Clarify the Stream with Words, and Launch them out with Sound
 Like Missiles made from Thought they Target your Clear Understanding 
 And Blaze a Trail of Fire Letters Bringing on a Branding
 The Message now Imprinted leaves a Memory behind
 The Memory of you and me Linguistically Entwined
 And then at times the Words come out a Flash Flood Flurry Full
 Free and Flowing, Effervescent, Polishing the Jewel
 A Dance of Diamond Dialectics Dervish Down a Dream
 Tickling your Intellect now Bursting at the Seems 
 Can you feel this Crest of Words as they Spin Thought right into Motion
 Like they Lubricate the Mind with a Loquacious kind of Lotion
 Like they Anchor in your Brain a Vein of Spirit Information
 Like this Breath becomes a Wind and fills our Sails with Inspiration
 For the Muse just Lit my Mind, which grabs the Pen, which Hits the Page
 Which Shapes the Letters, Spells the Words together Woven in a Phrase
 Like the Casting of a Spell that Summons Up Communication
 We Bards are Hard at Play in Wordly Gardens of Creation
       - Thalyn the Bard  '07